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“Fear can break us or stretch us

ultimately, it’s our choice.

When everything falls apart,

doors we never saw before start opening,

and it’s up to us to walk through them and see what we can find,

not on the familiar path,

but on the path our entire life has been leading us to.”

-Rosemary Rawlins

All My Silent Years

a story of sisterhood, survival, and belonging

Historical Fiction

Rosemary Rawlins is the author of All My Silent Years, the story of a young girl dragged across the jagged edge of history who must learn to forgive herself for the law she broke to stay alive.

Born on a farm in Battambang, Cambodia in 1964, Sokha Sang enjoys the peace and tranquility of a childhood spent in nature and guided by the rhythm of her family’s Buddhist faith. At eleven years old, her family protects her from the civil war broiling around her until she’s marched away at gunpoint and forced into labor by the Khmer Rouge. Under penalty of death by this brutal regime, Sokha is ordered to renounce her family and the traditions she reveres. In desperation, she breaks the law, putting those she loves in jeopardy. Will her family ever forgive her?

All My Silent Years illuminates how fragile the thread of personal freedom can be when geopolitical forces conspire to dominate countries as people go about their daily lives, trusting that all will be well. Sokha’s story of survival sheds light on the universal impulse to return home—and to explore what “home” means to each of us.

Learning by Accident (Skyhorse Publishing)


Rosemary’s first book was a memoir, Learning by Accident: A Caregiver’s True Story of Fear, Family, and Hope, an inspirational memoir about learning and growing through adversity. When Rosemary’s husband suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after a car hit him on his bike, she struggled for two years to bring him back home and back to himself, and when he was finally better, she fell apart. Rosemary has eight years experience as a full-time caregiver for loved ones with brain injury, dementia, and COPD, and a keen understanding of caregiver stress.

Rosemary and her husband Hugh were featured in the 2013 Bronze Telly Award-winning video about Relationships after TBI. Rosemary and Hugh were also featured on the front page of the New York Times Science Section in January 2012.

Rosemary’s writing has been featured in the TBI Today VCU Model Systems newsletter and  Brain Injury Journey magazine published by Lash and Associates.Her book is also available at

Former Editor/Blogger for WETA’s

As former Editor of BrainLine Blogs, Rosemary has contributed eighty blog posts to this award-winning WETA multimedia site. You can find Rosemary’s Caregiving blog at and subscribe by RSS or email.